Freedom Fest Balloon Glow 6-25-2019

Freedom Fest Glow Raindate 6-27-2019

Balloon Event in Mt. Vernon 7/11/2019

Marion Airport Glow 9/2019 (tentative)

Flight Instruction

So, you’d like to become a hot-air balloon pilot? The best way to get started is to spend some time around balloons, usually as crew. This will tell you if you really enjoy the sport, as becoming a pilot is quite a commitment.

Our FAA certified Flight Instruction offers full-service flight instruction in your balloon. Fees vary based on the individual situation. Please contact us for specific details.

The basic requirements to become a hot air balloon pilot are listed below:

Requirements for Hot Air Balloon Pilots*

Private Pilot
o 60 question FAA written exam
o Minimum 10 hours dual flight instruction
o One solo flight, minimum one hour in length
o Practical test with FAA examiner

Commercial Pilot**
o Must complete Private Pilot requirements above
o 100 question FAA written exam
o Additional 10 hours dual flight instruction
o 35 hours total flight time
o Practical test with FAA examiner

*These are the minimum standards and many students may have additional requirements as determined by the Instructor
**A commercial certificate is required in order to take paid rides or to fly a balloon as part of a commercial operation such as an advertising balloon.