Freedom Fest Balloon Glow

June 22, 2024 (Loc: Jones Park)

Freedom Fest Glow Raindate



Picture yourself floating gracefully over the countryside, moving with the wind, and peacefully enjoying the scenery.

Whether you fly in the shimmer of the rising sun, or in the warm light of the evening sky, your personal ride begins at the launch site. You can help our crew prepare the balloon for flight; it takes just a few minutes to lay out and inflate the balloon. Then you climb into the basket with an experienced pilot and, with a few blasts of the propane burner, away you go! The balloon glides through the air, providing an excellent view, so bring your camera, memory cards, and extra batteries. After about an hour, your pilot advises the crew of possible landing sites. Once safely on the ground, you share in the tradition of celebrating a successful voyage. Then, we return to the launch site for your ride home.

You’ve had an incredible journey that you can’t wait to share with all of your friends!

For current pricing and availability, please use our contact page, or you can reach us by email, by phone at 319.298.8882, or on Facebook.  We accept most major credit cards, and beautiful Gift Certificates are available for special occasions.

An Unforgettable Experience

"Launching the Balloon"

  • We start each flight by selecting a launch site based upon wind speed and direction, and the area over which we would like to fly.  At the site, we unload the basket and envelope (the balloon part) from the trailer, and stretch the envelope out on the ground.
  • Crew members hold open the “mouth” of the balloon, allowing the envelope to fill with cold air.
  • A crew member hold the “head rope” to guide the balloon as it slowly rises.
  • As the balloon inflates, the pilot looks inside the envelope to watch the progress. When the time is right, the pilot uses propane burners to heat the air, causing the balloon to rise from the ground.
"The Flight"

  • When the balloon is fully inflated, the passengers climb into the basket…
  • The pilot adds a little more heat, and you’re off on a picture perfect ride…
  • The rides last about an hour, depending on landing opportunities and the passengers. About 45 minutes into the flight, the pilot contacts the chase crew by radio to advise them of landing.
  • The crew has been following the balloon closely, and will try to arrive at the site to assist with your landing. Your experienced pilot can land without aid.
  • After the passengers climb out of the basket, the balloon is pushed over on its side.
  • The mouth is closed off by “helpful” crew or kids, and then the air is forced out of the top.
  • “Skinning” the balloon is hard work!!!
  • The envelope is packed into a large canvas bag, and the we celebrate another fun, safe, and exhilarating flight!

“What Goes Up….Must Come Down”